200 Light Summer Hairstyles Meant to Cool You Down

2019’s summer hairstyles are not made up of complex elements. On the contrary, they are very light and can be completed in just a few minutes. Now we’ll try to figure out which summer women’s hairstyles will be most popular this season and how to do them without assistance, as well as browse through 200+ summer hairstyles that are performed on short, medium and long hair.

Complicated styling in the summer can be a nightmare, and walking in the heat with loose hair is extremely uncomfortable. That’s why we have collected for you the lightest and most spectacular summer hairstyles for every day wear, as well as the most important tips for hair care during this period in this article!

Summer Hairstyles – Main Considerations

Do you think that in the summer your hair does not need additional care? You are deeply mistaken, in fact, during this period it is subjected to the most severe trials!

What you need to know about hair care in the summer?

In the summer, your hair needs intensive hydration. So, do not forget to use additional care in the form of nourishing masks or conditioners. Also, a sun protection factor is required if you are outdoors. The sun is able to turn even the most beautiful hair into dry, dull and dehydrated strands. Also, on dyed hair, the color will fade quicker and wash out more. By the way, since technology has stepped forward, use it! Try a hair mask with UV filters that will help protect your hair from the sun.

Try to use fragrance-free products! This is because you can bother the people near you in public transportation. Also, the fragrance can attract insects.

Summer Hairstyles and Haircuts for Short Hair

Summer is a time of relaxation and fun when you want something light and playful. In the summer, in the bright minds of stylists come the most original ideas of haircuts and hairstyles. Why is that? Because the weather allows and contributes to the flight of fantasy. Neither spring slush, nor winter frosts, nor autumn winds interfere. Summer is an ideal time for self-expression, bold experiments and fashionable novelties.


Undoubtedly, the leader among short summer haircuts is pixies. This haircut is suitable for any face shape and any type of hair, so by choosing it, you can’t lose. It can be stacked in two ways:

  • Cheeky styling. To do this, you just need to dishevel your hair so that it looks as chaotic as possible and fix the result with hair spray of hair wax.
  • Strict styling. It is not always possible to afford a defiant look. If you want a calm styling, just comb your hair neatly and sprinkle it with varnish.

A pixie haircut is suitable for courageous, confident women, it will definitely draw attention to your person. You can complement this haircut with original dyeing in several colors or fashionable side-shaving. Do not forget to complete your look with the help of accessories; Large jewelry would be very useful too.


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Short Square

The short square has not gone out of fashion for many years. This is not surprising, because this haircut is constantly updated. In almost every season, stylists bring in something new. In 2019, the torn square, asymmetric and classic, will be in fashion. Bangs are still in fashion, so don’t be afraid to experiment with them. In fact, oblique bangs will help hide flaws, if any, and visually stretch your face.

A short square doesn’t have to be styled in the classical way to which everyone is so accustomed to.. If you want to give your hairstyle a more casual and laid-back look, add some chaotic curls. In this way, you will make your square more modern.

Bob – Carre

This haircut is a kind of hybrid between the square and the bean. However, due to its popularity, the bob-carre can be considered an independent haircut. It differs from the square because it is not done evenly, but with an added elongation effect from the top of the head to the temples. Thanks to this particularity, the shape of the haircut is similar to that of the bean.

A classic bob may seem a little boring for modern fashionistas, so in the summer of 2019 it is worth choosing a bob-carre. Such a haircut visually increases the volume of your hair, therefore it is also suitable for the owners of rare and weakened hair.

Remember that short haircuts are not just a sign of a self-confident woman. They have many advantages and perhaps the most important of them is the ability to rejuvenate the person who wears them. As soon as you try a short haircut, you will immediately look 10 years younger. So, think about this when you pick up a haircut.

Summer Hairstyles Ideas

  • Curl light curls. To do this, you can use a curling iron with a thick cone. You get an interesting effect, as if you just got out of bed. But it looks very impressive, fresh and easy.
  • Braid your hair on a side. Sweep part of your hair to the other side and begin to weave the braid. At the end, pull the hair outwards from the plait so that it turns out to be voluminous.
  • Plait two braids. Divide your hair in the middle and braid two braids. Secure them at the back of your head.
  • Weaving with elastic bands. Weaving with the use of small silicone rubber bands looks spectacular and stylish. With their help, a variety of fashionable summer hairstyles are obtained.
  • Wear space buns. For short hair, stylists offer a ton of fun and flirty options. For space buns, it is necessary to divide your hair into two equal parts. Parting should be straight. Next, make two high mini-buns.

Summer Haircuts and Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Stylist consider the average length of hair ideal and they have their reasons. With this length, they can cut the hair in numerous beautiful ways and style it in fashionable manners.

Bob – Carre

Carre has won the hearts of millions of fashionistas around the world and there is hardly any other, the same universal haircut that will suit so many women. A bob-carre on medium hair is the perfect haircut for the summer. It fits easily and fits any type of appearance. In 2019, the asymmetrical carre is in fashion. You can complement this haircut with original coloring. Moreover, do not be afraid of bright colors, 2019 is very loyal to them.


Cascade-based haircuts are a good option for medium length hair. At the heart of these haircuts are torn strands that advantageously frame the face. Cascade is a great solution for owners of both rare and thick hair. In the first case, a graduated haircut gives volume to the hair, and in the second, due to the same graduation, you will get relief. Thick hair is not only beautiful, but also quite heavy, which is why cascading haircuts for medium hair length are the best solution to the problem.

Summer Hairstyles Ideas

  • Hair crown. This hairstyle never goes out of fashion. This is because it suits everyone. Also, it is not difficult to achieve. Both a good option for an everyday look (school or university) and for a special occasion (a friend’s wedding or going out to the theater). This is also a great opportunity to experiment with your haircut and hide the bangs, if you have any.
  • Ponytail. The ponytail is a beautiful hairstyle and an especially good option during the heat. Moreover, you don’t need to spend a lot of time doing this hairstyle. A couple of minutes are enough for you to comb your hair, secure it and maybe set it in place with a bit of hair spray.

Pro Tip: A casual ponytail can be easily turned into a spectacular evening styling. It is enough to add a chignon (for long hair, you can skip this step), a means for shine and smoothness and hide the elastic band with one of your strands. Your evening look is ready!

  • Bun. A bun is the simplest hairstyle any girl can handle. But if you do not want to become a strict primary school teacher, then add a creative element in the form of weaving. Braid a few plaits at the back or on the sides, and then collect the hair into a bun. This option can be worn to school or work, or you can make such a hairstyle for a friend’s wedding, which takes place on a hot summer day.
  • Braids. This is an option for a summer hairstyle that will never go out of style. Some stylists offer very complex weaving, while others, on the contrary, the simpler the better. Braids can be combined with loose hair.

Light Summer Hairstyles and Haircuts for Long Hair

Long hair is a matter of pride for its owner. Of course, it requires constant care, because it attracts a lot of attention. However, the result is worth it. Luxurious curls give a woman charm and romanticism, femininity and elegance. Even so, many believe that long hair is boring and monotonous. We will try to dispel this myth and present you with several haircuts for long hair, which will be in trend in the summer of 2019.

Elongated Bob

If you can not choose between a short and a long haircut, then this is your best option. The front strands can be as long as you want. This haircut will undoubtedly attract attention with its originality. Moreover, it is very practical for the summer. In the hot season, your hair can become very uncomfortable. With this haircut, the occipital part of your head will be constantly uncovered. In this case, you can always collect your long strands in a ponytail or a braid, so that they will not bother you. So, if you are looking for a unique haircut and like to stand out from the crowd, then an elongated bob is your best option.

Haircuts With Shaved Areas

These haircuts are for bold and very modern women. Shaving can be done on one temple or both, as well as on the back of the head. The shaved area can be decorated with a pattern. In this regard, you have several options:

The drawing can be done with a trimmer, using the same shaving method. Such patterns quickly overgrow and become invisible. In addition, you can create a drawing with hair dye. Or, for especially brave and extravagant girls, you can get a tattoo.

If you are not ready for such rapid changes, for example, a tattoo on your head, then you can make the most out of common shaving. If necessary the shaved part is easy to hide with your longer hair. In fact, this is the beauty of having shaved sides and long hair. Keep in mind that women with short hair don’t have the option of hiding it, but you can. You can go from looking like a rebel, to looking like a business woman in a few minutes.

Fox’s Tail

This haircut is suitable for those women who do not want sharp contrasts and don’t take bold decisions too often, but who still want to update their looks. As for the name of this haircut, it speaks for itself. The shape of the hair becomes like a fox’s tail. The hair is trimmed in the shape of a triangle, forming a kind of arrow. This haircut looks good both with straight hair and with romantic curls. At the same time, you can to collect your hair in a ponytail, bun, braid or any other hairstyle as this haircut has no restrictions. To look stylish in the summer of 2019, you do not have to opt for crazy haircuts. You can pick a fox’s tail haircut and you will not regret it.

Hair-Styling Ideas for the Summer

  • Braids. Braids always confer femininity to their owner. In the summer season, there are so many options for weaving that even the most picky fashionistas will find an option for themselves. The most popular braid weaving techniques are Dutch braiding, French braiding and fishtail braiding. These techniques are not difficult to perform, and beginners can easily learn how to weave using tutorial video lessons found online.
  • Hollywood curls. It is worth noting that this hairstyle has long ceased to belong to Hollywood, although it took its roots there. The smooth, perfectly laid curls of cinema divas have instantly conquered fashionistas all over the world. This hairstyle is incredibly simple in execution, but this does not prevent its wearer from sparkling on all the fashion catwalks in the world.
  • Light bun. Although this hairstyle seems common, there are many variations that can be done to it. In its classic version, it is unlikely to help you win a prince’s heart. However, if you add an elegant accessory or a plait to it, you might have a chance! Moreover, when making a bun, do not smooth your hair like you were a ballerina. The disheveled variant looks much more stylish and relaxed.

Summer Hairstyle Ideas for Curly Hair

If you are the owner of curly hair, then you probably know what a difficult task it sometimes is to choose a haircut and a hairstyle. Many haircuts are simply not designed for curly or even wavy hair, but are designed only for perfectly even hair. If you prefer long hair, then there will be no special difficulties. However, lovers of short hair will have to sweat a little. Haircuts, such as a pageboy, where the emphasis is on geometrically even contours, should immediately be excluded from your list. Instead, you should take a closer look at cascading haircuts, bob-carre and haircuts with graduation.

There are some styling ideas that simply can not be done on curly hair, for example Hollywood curls. Despite the fact that the hair is already curly, curling it in the right direction might prove to be a difficult task. Even if you succeed with this hairstyle, it will not last long because natural will take its toll.

Often, owners of curly hair try to straighten it all their lives. Ironically, however, the easiest way is to leave it alone. Nature has already endowed you with a ready-made styling, you just have to shape your curls and fix them. Light chaos on the head is now in trend, so take advantage of this.

More Hairstyles Ideas for a Cool Summer

Sometimes it is best to browse through numerous pictures of summer hairstyles in order to find a few that you like. Just reading about them might not be enough. This is exactly why we have prepared even more photos for your enjoyment!

Although it might seem ironic, owners of long hair have more summer hairstyles options than women with short hair. Even if short hair doesn’t cause as much heat during the summer, it might actually stay in the way of you cooling down because it touches your neck or forehead. So, don’t rush into cutting your hair short!

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