200 Taper Fade Variations – Fashionable, Clean-Cuts for the Modern Gent

Men’s hairstyles perform two completely different functions. On one hand, the hair protects the relatively sensitive scalp from the effects of the environment (UV radiation and cold). On the other hand, the way hair is cut serves as a natural attractiveness function. Stylish haircuts have a particularly strong effect on the look of men, especially those combined with a taper fade.

In recent seasons, one of the most discussed men’s hairstyle was the undercut. Characterized by long hair on the top, shaved sides and back of the head too, this haircut is now considered an alternative for the taper fade. The later is a masculine haircut style that features longer hair on top that is gradually cut shorter on the sides and in the back. The sides and the back merge nicely with the crown length. So, the transition occurs smoothly, not abruptly, as in the case of the undercut or the classic fade.

Modern fade haircuts, equipped with special accuracy, smooth transitions and precise edging lines, exude elegance and harmony. For this reason, the hairstyle requires extreme precision from the hairdresser. The effect of smooth transitions can be achieved using only professional cutting technology at close range.

Have you ever thought about getting a taper fade haircut? If you are still indecisive, read this article further and get inspired! We have numerous advantages prepared for you, among which we can count easy maintenance, manly look, versatility and so on. In addition, there are 200 pictures waiting for you to pick the perfect model for your new haircut!

The Story of the Fade Cut

Short-cut hair with a slightly longer length at the crown is a typical military style, which was very popular in the 1940’s and 1950’s in the United States. With the advent of Elvis Presley and the Beatles, the popularity of it was almost completely lost. Even so, there was not a long wait for the return of the fade style.

It seemed that such a strict haircut would never go out of fashion until young people began to imitate Elvis Presley and the musicians from the Beatles ensemble. However, the triumphant return did not have to wait too long. In the golden era of hip-hop, that is, in the eighties and early nineties, the fade came into fashion again (under the shape of the hedgehog haircut) and became a hallmark of the subculture.

The second rebirth of the fade cut took place in 2016. That’s when it has regained popularity among men. To wear it, it was no longer required to be a military man or a hip hopper. It turned into a real gentleman’s hairstyle.

In general, the fade cut complements any look, confers personality and it fits any face shape and overall style. Moreover, it can be classic, ultramodern or extravagant. In addition, if we are referring to the taper fade in particularly, it looks much less radical than other fade haircuts. Moreover, you have many options of hairstyles you can combine the taper fade with.

Types of Fade Cuts – The Taper Fade

The type of taper fade haircut you should choose depends on the length of hair you want to keep. Accordingly, there are numerous types of fade haircuts. One of the most popular is the low fade haircut. Low haircuts are the length of a sports scalp with shaved hair on the sides and back of the head, while the hair at the top of the head is given a spiky look or simple, short look. The length of the hair at the crown completely depends on the individual. Sometimes, a low hairstyle looks very well when combined with a taper fade haircut.

Another type is a high fade haircut. This type is not very popular among young people. This is because it lacks geometric accuracy. However, you can find some interesting modifications to choose from.

The best ones are the cone fade haircuts. They are the hairstyles of the most attractive men as well. You only need to make a few basic changes to your current haircut if you want to switch to a cone cut. The taper fade emphasizes the longer hair from the top, which becomes shorter at the back of the head. In other words, the hair is cut off and given a tapered end.

Some of the hairstyles that can easily integrate a taper fade are the Caesar haircut, the pompadour, the classic, as well as the military cut. In this regard, most hairdressers agree that the taper effect must be achieved by using scissors only.

Your Taper Fade Options

The main shape of a fade haircut looks like this: in the upper part of the head, hair is traditionally several centimeters long, and its length gradually decreases downward, as if it disappears. As it gets closer to the neck, the skin shows more and more and the look becomes lighter. This contributes to the creation of the characteristic fade effect, regardless of if it’s done using scissors or the trimming machine or even the razor. Although not characteristic to the taper fade style, some hairdressers use a razor to make the ends of the hair lay down well.

The Low Fade

This option is more sophisticated than the classic one. The shortened part begins noticeably lower. Moreover, the transition from long to short is even less noticeable. This haircut is especially suited for beard wearers. It confers the illusion that the hair merges with the beard. In addition, it can be easily created with the taper technique. More specifically, by only using scissors, not other hair cutting devices.

Classic Taper Fade

As the name suggests, this fade type is performed with scissors alone (taking into account the shape of the head). Clipper and razor are not used. Scissors cannot cut hair very low. Therefore, strong contrasts do not occur. This is an ideal haircut for those of you who are trying a fade haircut for the first time. Also, it represents the main taper fade from which the others have derived over time.

The Mid Fade

A manly and catchy haircut, this one is suitable for all types of hair. In addition, it is considered the perfect balance between low and high fades. The hair is cut very short on the sides and on the back of the head. The transition to the top of the hair, which is left a little longer, begins above the ears. In general, this hairstyle looks very neat and even, but there is a bit of room for imagination during styling as well. You can, for example, do a side parting or comb the hair back, smearing it with a small amount of gel. In fact, hair gel might not be the best option for you. That’s why we have prepared a section later in this article that talks about hair styling products for men.

The High Fade

It features a striking contrast between different hair lengths. Thus, this is a bolder version of the classic, fashion haircut. Long hair in the upper part of the head stands out very strongly against the background of very short (under the “hedgehog”) hair. The products used for styling should be reliable enough so that it does not lose shape at the most inopportune moment.

Hipster Taper Fade

This is one of the most popular options not only among hipsters, but among the most diverse men. It is probably because keeping it neat is incredibly easy and it only requires a little bit of hair gel.

Deep Transition Cut

The best undercut style for men with a round face face is the pompadour combined with a deep taper fade. Height is created, and the face visually lengthens. All these contribute to creating a well-groomed and stylish appearance.

The Skin Fade

The skin fade was conceived for especially brave men. As the name suggests, the fade ends up so short that skin becomes visible.

Successful Combinations Between Various Hairstyles and the Taper Fade

This the taper fade only refers to the way hair is cut on the sides and back, as well as the cutting technique, you can successfully combined it with various hairstyles. As it follows, we will talk about merging the taper fade with the classic cut, the military hairstyle, the pompadour, the French haircut and so on.

Classic Men’s Hairstyle With a Side Parting

There is no shortage of celebrities in the film industry who have preferred this long-standing classic. Examples in this regard are Carey Grant and George Clooney. With this haircut, it doesn’t matter what season it is. Also, you won’t be mistaken with a side parting. In the age of the modern man, the courteous separation of the strands combed on the side will make you stand out as a gentleman with a classic male haircut.

The Classic Military Haircut

Perhaps everyone knows this haircut better under the name of hedgehog. However, no matter what it is called, it has an indisputable effect on guys who strive to improve their appearance. It is characterized by very short cropped hair with the slightly higher density of a hedgehog on the top. If you have an angular face, a military haircut should be the duty outline of your appearance.

Hair Smoothly Combed Back

Some men’s hairstyles come and go, disappearing after their fashion wave passes and not withstanding the test of time. Others, however, stay fashionable for decades, becoming classic hairstyles which cannot be pushed aside. This is just the case of men’s hairstyles with the hair smoothly combed back.

A fun fact about combed back hair is that back in the days, it was associated with oily hair. Things have changed especially due to the occurrence of quality hair-styling products for men. With their help, you can achieve a stylish and masculine look by flaunting an open forehead and not worrying about other aspects.

Merge the Quiff with the Taper Fade

If you find yourself in an awkward phase when growing your hair, you can settle for the Quiff. When your hair is too long to style with a classic parting or it’s too short to pull back, the answer is also the Quiff. A man’s Quiff hairstyle with slightly wavy bangs is an exquisite way to control your growing hair without sacrificing the style factor.

The Pompadour Haircut Mixed With the Taper Fade

The Pompadour is recommended for you if you don’t find combing your hair over the head bold enough. Admittedly, this men’s hairstyle is a little more demanding in terms of maintenance, but all the time and effort spent on hair styling will be fully justified.


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Men’s French Haircut

What is this hairstyle like? Men’s French haircut is very similar to Caesar’s haircut. The main difference between the French haircut and the Caesar haircut is that the former comes with longer hair in the upper part of the head and bangs. This length varies according to personal preference. However, the bang variability makes the French haircut much easier than Caesar’s style. As for styling this cut with a taper fade, you will need a small amount of hair wax. Take a bit of wax in your hands, spread it and then run your hands through your hair, stacking it in which direction you’d like.

Textured Haircut With Disheveled Bangs

The first thing you need before you plan on getting this look is a little length in your hair. It is also worth noting that textured styles are best suited for thick hair. When the perfect foundation is provided, laying will not take much effort. Not surprisingly, sloppy classics come back into fashion again and again.

If your hair has volume and is obedient enough to be manageable, take advantage of it and pay attention to a haircut with a gradient from the bottom up and the culmination of showing the full volume at the top. The ideal look for an office worker is a mix between casual and formal styles.

The diligently disheveled hairstyle will never go out of fashion and it will always look fresh. It is a great alternative for those of you who are sworn enemies of perfectly combed hair.

Needed Hair Styling Products for Taper Fade Hairstyles

Even if men have short hair, they should never forget to style it every day. A short haircut very often requires special attention for an ideal result. The same goes for the taper fade, regardless with which haircut it is combined.

Hair Gel

Most often, women use hair gel in order to create a brilliant effect on the ends of their hair. Men on the other hand, choose hair gel to create hairstyles with a clear shape. In addition, hair gel is an excellent ally for creating a shine effect on hair that is laid back or for laying strands with a hedgehog. A good hair gel will ensure a long lasting hairstyle. So, don’t be afraid to invest in a good product.

Modeling Powder

With this styling product, you can create the exact hair texture that you need. You can confer a matte effect to your hair or style it in a rebellious way. However, this product should not be applied on the roots. Also, it is important to only use a small amount of powder.

Do you want a hairstyle with a fuzzy structure or well-styled hair? The effect that your haircut will get depends on your desires. You just have to work a little with the ends of your hair.

Modeling Wax

The modeling wax allows you to create several effects at once. More specifically, it helps work on the texture of your hair, it creates a brilliant effect and it gives the hair movement.

Using modeling wax is ideal if you decide to avoid a hairstyle with a clear shape. This is because the wax does not fix the strands. Also, remember not to apply this products on the roots or in large quantities.

More Taper Fade Hairstyles for All Men

Like people themselves, the heads attached to them come in different sizes, colors and shapes. Some of them are elongated and thin, while the shape of others is more inclined to that of a soccer ball. Some have strong-willed chins and jaws, while others have a barely noticeable chin to talk about or on the contrary, it is too protruding forward. Luckily, there is a taper fade hairstyle has suits each type of appearance. A professional hairstylist should be able to emphasize the best features of your appearance and hide your flaws if possible.

This doesn’t mean that you are not capable of choosing the right hairstyle for you. On the contrary, we encourage you to browse further and choose a taper fade style that appeals to you. From there on, any good hairdresser should be able to create it on your head. So, at it follows we will leave you with approximately 100 more photos of hairstyles that include the type of fading you’re looking for.

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