155 Teal Hair Statements – Multifaceted Shades That Wash Off Too Soon

These days, many young people are experimenting with creative looks. In particular, bright and unusual hairstyles are relevant. Teal hair is a great way to attract the attention and surprise of others. However, before deciding on such a bold change, it is worthwhile to figure out whether this option is right for you or not.

You can’t say with confidence that teal hair will suit you. For some girls this is a great opportunity to refresh their look and express themselves in a new way. For others, this hair color is an unattainable dream, since they can not wear it because of various reasons.

Besides showering you with more than 150 teal hair ideas, we will also help you figure out if turquoise hair is for you. Also, we will share information about various shades of teal, as well as various hair dyeing techniques that can be applied in its case. Your choice in azure hair dye is also important. That’s why we will also let you know what to expect from each of the most popular teal dyes.

Is Teal Hair for You?

Turquoise combines various multifaceted shades. These are light and dark deep tones. The hue may have a bluish tint or, conversely, go into saturated greens. However, in any case, teal on hair looks extravagant, and even defiant.

As you already know, there are no people with teal as a natural hair color. So, we must achieve this effect artificially. With azure hair, you might look like an anime character, an alien or simply shocking. In fact, anime fans choose their own shades relative to their state of mind. They are prone to constancy and detachment from their own ego. That’s why people agreed it’s an acceptable color for the youngsters. In addition, those of you who don’t need to maintain a serious business image are also included. However, girls are those who resort to hair dyeing more often. Even so, some guys don’t lose the opportunity to express themselves in bright colors.


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General Guidelines for Teal Hair

  • Light-haired young women with blue eyes can create a gentle and bright look for themselves. Such girls can dye their strands in a shade of teal.
  • Women with fair skin, deep, expressive and regular facial features can dye their hair in an azure color as well.
  • Girls with dark eyes and dark skin, can try a dark blue color rather than teal.

The Most Popular Shades of Teal

  • Electric blue. Another daring hue, electric blue is distinguished by muffled nuances. It is suitable for girls who have blue or gray eyes, as well as fair skin. However, you can mix one or more shades of teal when dyeing your hair.
  • Neon blue. This color glows incredibly beautifully in the dark. Typically, you will only find it as a semi-permanent hair dye.
  • Light turquoise. This is among the most popular teal shade. It actually occupies a leading position in fashion trends when it comes to the youth environment. Moreover, it is ideal for girls with blue or green eyes, who are also endowed with fair skin.
  • Deep blue. This color suits dark-skinned girls with dark brown eyes.

In principle, teal is for almost everyone. The important thing is to find the right shade for yourself.

Turquoise Hair – Dyeing Options

A bright, fashionable color can only be obtained with dye. In this case, there are many options for including teal in your hairstyle. For those of you who do not want to challenge society, and for those who are only trying teal because it is a fashionable hair color, there are dyeing options more suitable than a full head of azure.

You can simply dye your hair in one rich color, or you can combine it with another bright shade. For example, a combination between turquoise and blue looks harmonious. The color of the sea is effectively combined with purple.

If, however, you are not ready for a radical change, but you want to add brightness to your hair, then you can opt for partial coloring. A great solution is to change the color of the ends of your hair. First of all, this option assumes minimal harm done to your locks (in most cases, before dyeing your hair in a bright color, you must bleach it). Second of all, you can always trim your tips and return to the way you looked before in no time and without serious damage.

Dyeing Techniques Applicable for Teal Hair

The balayage and ombre techniques are recommended for partially dyed hair. However, this option is suitable only for owners of natural blond, brown or black hair. Of course, if you wish, you can add turquoise to both red and golden-brown hair, but it will not look very beautiful. In addition, the chosen nuances can be arranged in different ways. More specifically, you can use a few turquoise strands to frame your face and add several upper strands as well. Also, you can hide a couple of bright locks in the depths of your hairstyle. They will only be visible when you move or put your hair up.

Another option is to dye your hair using two colors. Since you are pairing up with a multifaceted color such as teal, we advise you to choose less bright colors. Examples in this regard are white, black and ashy tones. Even so, both ashy colors and teal are found in semi-permanent hair dyes. So, you will have to refresh the color much often than in case of permanent hair coloring. This is because such dye washes off.

You can rock teal hair for as little as one day too. You may want to see how it looks on you or maybe attend a party. In this case, you have lots of options such as teal hair spray, teal mascara and so on. Such products confer a beautiful effect, which is easily washed off with shampoo and water. These compounds cause little to no harm to your hair.

Facts to Consider Before Dyeing Your Hair

  • If your natural hair color is dark, it is recommended to bleach your hair before applying teal dye. Blonde girls, however, can skip this process. Bleaching the hair is necessary in order to obtain a rich and vibrant color.
  • From time to time you must use tinted hair conditioners in order to refresh the color. Turquoise is a shade that will wash off your strands quickly. Also, it will become lifeless and dull. So, your appearance might lose its charm. In order to prevent this from happening, you will have to include the tinted conditioner routine in your schedule.
  • You need to be prepared for the fact that if you want a full head of such an unusual color, you will have to change your entire look. If you are used to doing your makeup in warm colors, you will have to change that. In this case, the warm color palette will not match the color of your hair. Cold colors have preference because they harmoniously combine with turquoise shades.
  • The above principle applies to clothes and accessories as well. If you adore bright colored things, such as red shoes, then you should not opt for teal hair. Or, conversely, you should not wear such items if you choose teal hair. Otherwise, you might look vulgar and even funny, depending on who is looking.

Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes – A Hand Picked Collection

Not all semi-permanent hair dye manufacturers have included teal in their color palette. Even so, there are certain companies specializing in unusual hair colors. So, they are the ones who have included turquoise in their offer. Most of the available options do not contain ammonia. Therefore, they are considered tinting agents, not high-grade dyes. Even if they do not contain ammonia, they do require previous hair bleaching. Otherwise, you might not see any difference after using such dye or you may notice a faded color.

  • Manic Panic. This American company is considered the market leader when it comes to bright hair dyes. Their color palette is quite diversified. You can find teal under the name of Atomic Turquoise.
  • Lunar Tides. This brand offers several options for the color we are interested in. The light turquoise shade is called Sea Witch. Other options are dark turquoise, which is called Cerulean. Moreover Smokey Teal is a hue that looks like a dusted turquoise.
  • La Riche Directions. This brand puts two shades of turquoise at our disposal. There is a dark, saturated teal shade called Alpine and a color with a bluish tint of turquoise.
  • Anthocyanin. This non-permanent dye has two functions, namely colorization and the effect of laminated hair. The shade we need is called B13 Mint Blue.
  • Crazy Colors. A company specializing in the production of hair dyes of unusual colors, it offers two options for bluish-green colors. These are 71 Mint and 67 Blue Jade.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Semi-Permanent Hair Coloring

Here is a short list of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to semi-permanent hair coloring, the one you need in order to get teal hair.


  • The semi-permanent hair dye without ammonia is absolutely harmless to the structure of your hair;
  • Semi-permanent dyes do not contain ammonia and oxidizing agents;
  • Non-permanent dyes have a beneficial effect on the hair, healing it and conferring it shine, softness and silkiness;
  • Bright color dyes are not tested on animals;
  • Teal hair dyes do not contain components of animal origin;
  • The color palette is available in stores. You don’t have to buy it from salons;
  • These hair dyes are saturated with natural pigments, proteins, herbal natural ingredients and oils that moisturize and strengthen the hair;
  • You can often change your look with semi-permanent dyes;
  • You can choose from full or partial staining methods provided under the form of gel, dye, crayons;
  • 3D highlighting and ombre are hair dyeing techniques that you can apply if you use semi-permanent tinting;
  • Easy to use at home;


Compared to the long list of advantages, there are very few disadvantages. Among them we can count the fact that these colors only work on bleached hair or very light blonde hair. So, although they are not damaging, they require you to previously damage your hair by bleaching it. In addition, if you get bored of the color and it doesn’t washes away when you want it to, you might have to use that bleach again. However, this depends on how patient you are or on the reason why you must get rid of it.

Color Technology Applied on Your Hair

In order to obtain a perfect juicy shade, it is important to follow a few hair-dyeing rules. Otherwise, you may not achieve the desired effect or you might even discover a dirty tone of green on your hair instead of a bright turquoise.

First of all, you must bleach your hair before tinting it. The degree of bleaching (the exposure time of the product on the hair) depends on your natural hair color. The only exceptions to this rule are natural blondes and light blonde women. However, brown=haired ladies or brunettes will not succeed, so there is no point in trying.

Second of all, you should read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. They indicate how long to keep the dye on your hair and how to apply it. Generally speaking, the exposure time varies. It is somewhere between 20 minutes and over an hour, depending on the company and on the desired color.

After applying the product, remember not to secure your hair with metal hairpins. The metal, together with the dye, may cause certain chemical reactions that can lead to unpredictable results. Conversely, you can put a shower cap on your head. An ordinary plastic bag is also suitable.

After the specified time has passed, you must rinse your hair with cool water. It is important to use cold water because it will close the pores of your hair and help you avoid a quick wash-off. So, remember not to use shampoo or other hair products during this phase. However, you can wash your hair with vinegar to fix the coloring composition. Blow-drying your hair right after is not advisable either.

Properly Care for Your Teal Hair

Be prepared for the fact that a bright color will quickly wash out from your strands. In order to preserve the juiciness of the shade for as long as possible, you should use a sulfate-free soft shampoo intended for colored hair. Various conditioners and hair masks are welcome, because bleached hair needs special care. However, remember that every product that you use must be professional. It must be aimed at creating a protective film on the hair in order to preserve the color. Conventional nourishing masks and oils only accelerate the loss of pigment.

In addition, do not ignore hair protection products. Ultraviolet rays don’t only dry your hair, but they also contribute to its burnout. Therefore, using sprays with an UV filter, especially during the summer, is highly recommended. Also, these sprays are good to protect your hairstyle while relaxing by the sea. Otherwise, salt water can quickly spoil the appearance of your hair.

Do not think that if you wash your hair less often, the color will stay longer on your hair. Things don’t work in this way. Your scalp releases sebum whether you wash it or not. The later substance will still encourage the rejection of the pigment from the structure of your hair. Also, if your hair is dirty, it will look untidy. The solution would be to periodically use a tinting agent with a similar color pigment, such as tinting conditioners. This step will simplify the maintenance process of this hair color and you will be able to enjoy it longer!

From Teal Hair to Mermaid Hair

Mermaid hair is characterized by a combination of shades that includes teal, as well as other shades of blue and green. In addition, you could add purple and other similar shades and create a multitude of colors in your hair that combine in such way it looks like, what we call, mermaid hair. Actually, after the teal washes off a little, you may add purple highlights and wear mermaid hair for a while. You can safely use your imagination since we are not talking about anything permanent here.

More Teal Hair Ideas for You

As it follows, we will leave you with a few tens of teal hair ideas. You will see shades of teal that aren’t similar to those you have already seen. That’s how versatile this hair shade can be! Also, various hair dyeing techniques were applied in the examples below. So, you can choose the one that you like the most. A full head of monotonous turquoise might not sound too appealing to you. That’s why the balayage and ombre techniques exist. Pick your favorite and don’t hesitate to let us know which one you like best in the comments below!

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