95 V-Cut and U-Cut Hairstyles To Encourage You To Cut Your Hair

Getting a new haircut is one of the easiest upgrades you can give to your self. A new haircut can give you that boost of confidence after being gloomy and unkempt for days. Plus, it’s something you want to show off especially since your hair is looking fine.

There are two haircut trends that are always the most common options among women. Those are the v-cut and the u-cut hairstyles. These two hairstyles often refer to the shape the tips of your hair makes when they’re flowing down your back.

V-Cut vs. U-Cut: What’s the difference?

The V-cut hairstyle refers to the tips of your hair forming a “v”. This means that there’s is a huge difference in the length of the hair on your sides and those in the middle. In fact, the v-cut hairstyle is pretty self-explanatory.

However, cutting your hair like this is not as simple as it seems. Contrary to popular belief, v-cut (and u-cut) hairstyles use layering techniques. If you’re planning to cut your hair on your own, you might want to rethink that decision now.

On the other hand, a U-cut hairstyle refers to having a “u” formed by the tips of your hair. Compared to the v-cut, the u-cut is much more subtle especially if you don’t want to have that sharp look.

The u-cut, therefore, gives you a softer and more feminine look. To add to that, the u-cut hairstyle does not have a huge difference in terms of length between the sides and the middle strands.

Why Get a V-Cut Style?

Even before different haircuts arrived, the v-cut style has always been popular among women. If you’re wondering why, check it out below.

1. It gives you an edgy look

One of the main reasons why you want to have a-cut hairstyle is the edginess it gives. Think about Kristen Stewart now except that she has long hair. That’s exactly what v-cut is supposed to look like.

Besides, v-cut styles are anything but subtle. In fact, some people cut the sides short to resemble side bangs. This works well if you have wavy or curly hair.

2. It’s noticeable

Want to turn your new haircut to your advantage? With a v-cut hair, there’s a higher chance that your hair will be noticed by your friends and family. This is perfect for making a statement and to showing everyone that you have just gotten out of the salon.

3. It works well with any length of hair

If you’re worried that v-cut hairstyles are only for long hair, you’re wrong. V-cut can be done on short and medium hairstyles. You can even do this on a bob. The beauty of this style is that it is not length-dependent and it is simple enough that anyone can do it on their own hair.

Why Get a U-Cut Style?

U-cut hairstyles are as common as v-cut styles. But why would you want to have this if you can get the other one? Here are a few reasons.

1. It’s a lot subtler

Not really a fan of edginess and loud styles? Then you’ll love the u-cut. U-cut styles are a lot subtler because the layers are softer and there’s not a lot of difference between the length of the different strands of your hair.

Usually, the u-cut style is done if you just want to have a few layers. For some, this is the go-to haircut if they want to get a trim.

2. It has a “soft” effect

U-cut hairstyles are great not just on its own, but also as a base for other hairstyles. For example, if you want to get soft curls, the u-shape cut you have emphasize it a little more.

Instead of just having curls of different lengths and sizes, with the u-shape cut you have, you can have layered curls. The same goes if you want to have that blowdry look. Because of the soft layers, you can avoid having flat and boring hair.

3. It looks natural

An all-natural look is a style that will never go away. With the increasing popularity in looking natural and carefree, u-cut hairstyles take the center stage.

Compared to the v-cut hairstyle where the layers are so obvious (too obvious really), you have the u-cut to give you that soft and natural look that you are going for.

V-Cut and U-Cut Hairstyles To Cop

V-cut and U-cut hairstyles are one of the most flattering hairstyles that can be done on anyone. There’s also another reason why it’s a good haircut choice – it’s versatile. Check out these hairstyles to see what you can do when you get yourself a v-cut or a u-cut.

1. Narrow V

A narrow V is one variation of the v-cut wherein instead of having a wider “V” shape, it is narrow and thin. To be able to achieve this look, layers have to be thicker. If you will notice the photos below, you will see that the hair looks a little bit thicker when you get a narrow V hairstyle.

This is because the layering gives the illusion of thicker and fuller hair. If you have thin and fine hair, this is an option that you can consider.

2. Straight and long V-Cut

Naturally straight hair is one of the styles women wish to have a lot of times. There is just something about straight hair that makes it a go-to look. In fact, if your hair is naturally straight, then you don’t have to worry about ironing it every single morning!

3. U-shaped Goldilocks Hair

Goldilocks has always been a figure of beauty, even to those who don’t have blonde hair. Her curly hair never really left the hair industry once it became a thing.

If you have a u-cut hairstyle, then you will love to have large curly locks. These locks give a beautiful take on your u-shaped hair especially when it adds more movement and life to dull hair.

4. Striking Ombre

One of the things people with long hair can enjoy is the ability to flaunt a real ombre color. Ombre is a French term that means “shading”. Hence, ombre is the gradual change in shade.

Usually, it starts with a darker shade at the roots of your hair and it lightens once you reach the tips. The perfect ombre hair color an be achieved if the shades subtly.

5. Jet Black Bob Cut

The bob is a classic hairstyle that Victoria Beckham was quick to try. Even when she was part of the Spice Girls, Beckham already showed how you can look chic even with what was known as a boyish cut back then.

To accent your bob cut and make it edgier, make sure to give the ends a v-cut style. This will better shape your face and make you look slimmer.

6. Chop, chop!

If you have straight hair, then you know what it looks like to have chopped hair. Chopped hair is an effect of a layering technique where your hair has obvious layers.

You can apply this to both v-cut and u-cut hairstyles. To make it more fashionable, you can add highlights or lowlights to give your hair a more natural look.

7. Rounded U

U-shaped hairstyles are already soft as it is, but you can add a softer look by giving soft edges to the U. Instead of having sharp corners for your U, you can add a softer layer that can emphasize the smooth transition of each part of your hair. To cap it all of, use a round brush to curl the tips of your hair inward.

8. Inverted U Bob

Want to look different? Go for a drastic change by chopping off your long locks and cutting it into an inverted U-shaped bob. Unlike a simple trim, this bob look cuts across all your hair.

After your salon appointment, expect to feel slightly uneasy because of all the hair loss! But don’t worry, this is a change that you will not regret.

9. Dramatic Colors

Hairstyles are not just confined with the actual cut of your hair. You can do something different by adding a number of colors that complement your skin tone.

Drastic color choices can be unicorn colors (like cotton candy pink, lavender, platinum blonde). You can also do a medley of rainbow colors or choose a neon one.

10. Highlights Galore

Highlights have always been part of the fashion world even before anyone can remember. It’s always in style, and it comes in different colors and shades. If you feel that your haircut is a little dull or it looks flat, you can add a little extra by putting on highlights.

Highlights are great for adding depth without trying too hard. You can put it on the sides, or have it all over your hair especially on areas where light touches.

11. Barbie Blonde on The Side

These days, everyone can be blonde! If you want to achieve that blonde color Barbie is famous for, go straight ahead to your hairstylist and get it done.

Just don’t forget that if you have dark hair, you would have to go through some sort of bleaching before getting that look. It might take a while, but your patience will pay off!

12. A Set of Waves

In the age of curls and hair iron, choose to take the road less traveled which is to have soft waves. Waves aren’t loud and obvious like curls, but they definitely do a great job in emphasizing your hair length and color. Take these pictures for example. With these subtle waves, you can get a classic look without showing off.

13. Brown-To-Blonde Color

A lot of brunettes dream of going blonde. However, it’s not that easy. Hairstylists claim that in order to get a blonde color, you have to go through a series of color changes in the course of 6 months.

It’s like half a year of salon appointments! If you’re worried that the sudden change to blonde might damage your roots, you can just opt for retaining your brown roots and doing an ombre hair color where you end up with blonde tips.

14. Blow-dried Everyday Look

Only have 10 minutes to spare for your hair routine? Don’t worry, this is enough time to blow dry your u-cut hairstyle to perfection. The beauty of this cut is that the slightest heat can already put your hair strands in place.

You don’t even have to iron it out anymore. If you have straight hair, then you can even get away with the hair dryer.

15. Waterfall Layers

Getting tired of the plain v-cut or u-cut style? Give it a twist by cutting your hair into waterfall layers. Waterfall layers don’t conform to one shape for your hair; instead, it has different layers and lengths.

You can give your usual V or U-shaped hair something extra by cutting it this way. You could also do some balayage coloring to strengthen the effect.

16. Short and Platinum

Take it from Kristen Stewart to rock that boyish cool cut that not everyone can pull off. If you want to get this boyish look, you can first chop your hair to a boy cut, but with an inverted U-shape at the tips. This way, the hair shape falls naturally to your neck and jaw line.


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17. Long and Fine

Going for that Rapunzel vibe? Say no more by growing your hair so long that it reaches your lower back. A V-cut or a U-cut at the tips will not only make people want to see where your hair ends, but it also beautiful shapes your body making you look slender.

FAQs on V-Cut and U-Cut

1. Is u-cut better than a v-cut hairstyle?

These two haircuts have their own merits and both are beautiful in their own way. If you are looking for a more obvious and strong cut, then you should go for a v-cut hairstyle. If you want something that is softer and looks more natural on hair, then the u-cut is your choice.

2. How do you maintain v-cut hair?

Since a v-cut hair is simply just a cut, ordinary hair care routines can already maintain it. It’s pretty low-maintenance which makes it ideal for women with busy lifestyles.

However, maintaining v-cut hair becomes a little more complex if you color it, style it, or do other things with it that require hair spray, dye, and lots of heat.

3. If I want to have curls, which cut should I get – v-cut or u-cut?

U-cut hairstyles are ideal for curls, whether they’re big and small curls. In fact, this hairstyle makes curly hair look more natural and less “Goldilocks-y”. If you have medium-length hair, the u-cut even looks more subtle because your hair goes up because of the curls.

4. What is the ideal length to have a v-cut or a u-cut?

The great thing about these two hairstyles is that there is no required hair length to achieve these looks. If you have short hair, then you can still create a v-cut look. You can even see other celebrities flaunting their bobs with a v-cut shape at the back.

Take, for example, Victoria Beckham when she cut her hair short. The V at the end of her hair made her even edgier and classier with that bob of hers.

5. If I have an angular face, should I still get a V-cut?

Angular face shapes like diamond and square are edgy enough that you have to think twice if you plan on getting a v-cut hairstyle. Ideally, you wouldn’t want to add up to the angles already seen on your face, so you have to choose a hairstyle that is softer to your jawline. Usually, the u-cut hairstyle is preferred so that it gives a softer touch to your face shape.

6. Is straightening my hair the best way to emphasize a u-cut?

A u-cut hairstyle, as you already know, is a softer version of a v-cut. It may include subtle layers, but it definitely does not need to be straightened for it to be obvious. If you will notice the hairstyles above, you can still notice the “U” shape of your hair even if you curl them.

7. What hair products should I use to avoid split ends for medium-length v-cut and u-cut hair?

When your hair length reaches your shoulders, there’s a high chance that your tips can go in all directions resulting in split ends. If you want to avoid this, you should first make sure that your hair is properly moisturized.

After taking a bath, apply a leave-in conditioner that will make sure that your strands will not dry out. You should also use a wide-tooth comb so that it doesn’t force your tangles to break apart. Instead, it gently smoothens out your hair.

Overall, v-cut and u-cut hairstyles are the perfect base cut if you are looking to further style your hair. As seen in the photos here, there’s a lot you can do if you cut your hair like this. So what are you waiting for? Get your hair trimmed to a V or a U now!

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