213 Wedding Hairstyles – Start Your Fairy Tale With Bridal Hair

A wedding is a special day in the life of every woman. Dress, makeup, hairstyle – everything should be perfect. It is important to carefully think through your appearance to the smallest detail. Our selection of the most beautiful wedding hairstyles will help you save time on the choice of styling.

Bridal hair is one of the most important components in the way a bride looks. With its help, you can adjust the oval of the face, remove the accent from minor flaws and emphasize the qualities. As it follows, we will present stylish bridal hairstyles that will surround you with mystery. You will captivate the attention of others with tenderness. Greek wedding hairstyles are notable too because they will literally transform your looks in that of a Goddess.

We will also talk about various accessories for your hair, the veil and other important details regarding the looks of your hair. In addition, we have prepared a dazzling collection of more than 200 photos with dreamy wedding hairstyles. So, read further to discover the ideal bridal hair for yourself!

Main Guidelines for Wedding Hairstyles

Preparing for the wedding is an exciting process. Everything needs to be thought out to the smallest detail. There can be no insignificant details in the looks of the bride. So, it goes without saying that the wedding hairstyle is as important as the dress, makeup and manicure. A lot depends on how your hair is laid: after all, it is with the help of a hairstyle that you can correct the oval of your face, remove the accent from minor imperfections, and make your look complete.

So, for example, if your forehead is too low, then bangs will suit you. Those who have a large nose should opt for a more voluminous hairstyle with large decorations and flowers. Conversely, if you have delicate facial features, then focus your attention on bridal hair with curls. As for girls with elongated face, they should not choose high hairstyles.

Women with a rectangular face shape should consider curls or smooth hairstyles. As for asymmetry and high hairstyles that visually enlarge the face, they are most suitable for chubby brides.

Pro Tip: For those of you who like braided hair, keep in mind that braids with an unusual or unique weave should be done exclusively on light hair. On dark hair the pattern will not be visible, so it would be worthless.

Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair – Things to Consider

The owners of long hair have many options for wedding hairstyles. Among them we can count loose curls, elegant buns, braids, voluminous locks, styling in the Greek style, combined weaving and so on. Also, accessorizing your hair is important.

  • If you plan active celebrations with an unusual photo shoot or, for example, with horseback riding, rides or yachts, then a collected hairstyle would be more suitable for you. It will certainly not let you down during the day and confer you confidence. In case you are afraid of excessive rigor, you can dilute the styling with partial weaving and curls.
  • Loose and long bridal hair is a beautiful and elegant choice that looks incredibly beautiful when accessorized with jewelry. At the same time, laying light curls with a basal volume will look ideal. Another great accessory that suits loose, long hair is a veil. This is the look that Kate Middleton chose for her wedding.
  • Curls create a light look. In addition, curls always look festive and may enhance your special mood. Such hairstyle will complement your romantic look perfectly.
  • Most of the wedding hairstyles for long hair will make any woman look like a princess or a queen. There are many styling options, so you need to approach the choice of a suitable hairstyle with all responsibility. Long hair is in itself a woman’s accessory, a reflection of her style and personality.


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Short Bridal Hair – A General Approach

Short hair is stylish and comfortable. One story says that the fashion for short haircuts appeared at the beginning of the XX century thanks to Coco Chanel. She supposedly overdid it with her perm and burnt portions of her hair. Even so, she was not discouraged and called her hairdresser to fix the problem. The result, however, was a short haircut, which became fashionable overnight due to Cock Chanel’s influence.

Coco Chanel wasn’t the only celebrity who loved to experiment with her hair. In fact, Russian poet Zinaida Gippius also cut her hair short in 1906. Moreover, the French writer Colette did it even earlier, in 1903. A short haircut in a woman has become a symbol of independence, activity and emancipation. A little later, in the middle of the 20th century, short hair gained ground, as evidenced by the styling of the iconic Marilyn Monroe and Twiggy.

There is a myth that wedding hairstyles for short hair are harder to achieve than long ones. However, this is by no means the case.

Styling Options for Short Hair

  • Short hair with volume. It is stylish and tasteful.
  • A retro hairstyle. It goes nicely together with a vintage wedding dress.
  • Marilyn Monroe’s wavy hair. This option looks playful and sexy.
  • Curls – hairstyle a la Marilyn – it’s playful and sexy

In addition to the already mentioned styling options for short hair, you may also consider the retro bob. Such hairstyle is not difficult to create. It is enough to make uniform waves and carefully lay them. Moreover, a no less sophisticated option for wedding hair styling is the square bob with a wave. However, if you desire a more original look, then opt for asymmetric hairstyles.

The most important plus of a wedding hairstyle for short hair is convenience. You must be sure that your styling will hold on during the whole celebration, no locks will break out, and your curls will not lose their beautiful and fresh look.

Wedding Hairstyles With Curls – From Hollywood Classic Curls to Careless Waves

This type of bridal hair is suitable for long, medium, and short hair. There are also many variations: from classic Hollywood curls to careless waves. Depending on your preferences, you can create a variety of looks.

Smooth and large Hollywood locks can be neatly laid on one or both sides. Also, it is known that waves done in the retro style will add chicness and glamour, especially if you do them sideways. Such beautiful wedding hairstyles will add elegance to your entire look and will match perfectly with any wedding dress.

As for natural and laid-back looks, careless light curls or styling with wavy hair are suitable. If you prefer a laid-back look, a sloppy wedding hairstyle may also suit you – it’s a do-it-yourself wedding hairstyle that every bride can do, no matter how excited she is.

Choose the Right-Sized Curls

The size of your curls must be chosen depending on your face shape and hair type. More specifically, women with large facial features should turn to smooth hairstyles which are enriched with curls in the back. So, in this case, don’t curl your hair on the sides. Otherwise, your facial features will visually appear larger. Conversely, if you have small, delicate facial features, then your curls should be tight and large, while gently framing your face.

Lush and large curls are suitable for women with elongated facial features. However, they should refuse high hairstyles. This is because they emphasize the oval of the face.

Also, by using curls, you can smooth the appearance of your forehead, as well as visually reduce the length of your nose.

Bridal Hair – High Hairstyles and Buns

Long hair gives a whole scope for creativity and allows you to put in practice a variety of ideas. Buns and tall hairstyles never go out of style. Fact which is not surprising. This is because they emphasize the beauty of the neck and posture. Moreover, they look very elegant and neat. Also, they don’t allow your hair to get messy throughout the celebration.

Voluminous high hairstyles will add festivity, while low buns will make you look slightly restrained. Among the high hairstyles, one of the most popular options is the shell. It is suitable for long and medium hair.

Such women’s wedding hairstyles can be safely supplemented with a variety of accessories, especially a veil. Also, a few strands of hair left free in the front will make you look flirty.

Greek Style Wedding Hairstyles

Greek hairstyles look exquisite and confer gentleness. The natural negligence together with the curled strands create a truly antique and delicate look. There are a lot of options to diversify this hairstyle. You can complement the wedding styling, for example, with braids since hairstyles with braids are now in fashion.

Braids are very popular among wedding stylists, because this element emphasizes the femininity and tenderness of the bride, giving her a touching look. There are many types of braids, so your hairstyle can be individual and elegant.

The Greek braid is an ideal wedding styling that has not been losing ground for many years. You can supplement it with fresh flowers or dried flowers. For a more glamorous and pathos look, you can use studs with pearls or rhinestones.

Greek braids have long been considered classics of the wedding hairstyle genre. They are an ideal option, both for a modest weddings, and for magnificent celebrations. The braid can frame the head, forming a crown, you can assemble it into a knot, make a spiral braid from the back of the head to the top of your head, combine several braids into one whole and so on.

Pro Tip: A wedding hairstyle with a bow is an ideal option for anyone who prefers a wedding dress without a veil.

Hairstyles With Braids and Plaits

Braids and twisted locks will decorate medium to long hair. Such wedding hairstyles will make you look visually younger, as well as add freshness and romance to your appearance. Moreover, they will add texture to hair regardless of its structure.

However, one drawback would be to properly secure the braids and the twisted locks. The last thing you want is for your hairstyle to fall apart or become too loose. As for the other drawback, hairstyles with braids are difficult to do on your own, especially for such a special day.

Approach the Retro Style on Your Bridal Hair

The Retro style is finding more and more fans among brides. This is because, with such hairstyles, the brides look very impressive and elegant. The most popular are variations with bouffant tops as they give hair more volume and make the hairstyle look solemn. You can also style your hair in cold waves and feel like a Hollywood diva.

The main principles of the retro hairstyles are no creative mess, neat and flowing lines. You can add a touch of vintage with a veil, hat, large hairpin or a beautiful flower. A feather bezel would also be an interesting accessory.

Jewelry and Accessories for Wedding Hair Styling

Accessories and jewelry make wedding hair styling extraordinary. They confer it a special charm and zest. In this regard, the most important wedding attribute is the veil. However, it has many alternatives, such as flowers, tiaras, ribbons, hairpins and so on. So, it is relatively easy for the modern bride to pick jewelry in order to make her look whole.

For short hair, the best jewelry are flowers, tiaras and veils. The classic wedding look of Princess Diana, for example, included a tiara with large pearls and diamonds combined with a long veil. This look is suited for stylish and bold brides. With a diadem in her hair, any bride would feel like a princess or a queen.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair with decorations make you look more romantic. So, for example, if you have a bob hairstyle, even a small satin ribbon will add a touch of elegance. Flowers on short hair will look stylish if their color is in tone with the dress. As for their size, small is recommended.

For brides with long hair, as a rule, there are more alternatives among accessories: wedding jewelry for long hair can be completely different. So, it would be ideal to also take the dress’s design into consideration.

Accessorizing Examples for Bridal Hair

  • Decorating a wedding hairstyle with flowers will make the image of the bride more delicate. Among wedding stylists, it is considered good manners to use artificial flowers, not real ones. In order to choose the right flower that does not fade during the day, you need to contact a specialist.
  • Another non-trivial option is a wedding hairstyle with an accessory placed on the forehead. This accessory goes well with loose, long hair, turning the bride into a fairy tale character or, why not, a princess;
  • The asymmetric hairstyle is a trend of recent years. It is characterized by sweeping the hair to one side, leaving the other one open. There are multiple types of asymmetric hair styling, such as curls, straight and smooth hair, volume, curls. Such a wedding hairstyle can be very beautifully complemented by decoration on the side: flowers, hairpins or a woven ribbon in the color of the dress.

Don’t Leave the Veil Out

Returning to the main classical decoration for the bride, namely, the veil, it is worth saying that it has become one of the favorite wedding attributes for brides all over the world. A wedding hairstyle with a veil can fit almost any dress, you just need to choose the right style:

  • A chapel-length veil is the trend of the season, ideal for bright brides.
  • A lush and voluminous veil of medium length is a classic that is suitable for any outfit.
  • The asymmetrically attached veil goes for unusual hairstyles.
  • A short veil is the perfect solution for a tall hair styling.

More Wedding Hairstyles to Browse Through

Depending on the length of your hair, as well as texture, we have proposed numerous variations suitable for bridal hair. It is now up to you to match two and two together and come up with the best look for yourself during such a special day. If you are still in doubt, you can continue browsing through more than 100 photos that show beautiful brides wearing hairstyles that range from neat to extravagant. What is the style that you are looking for? Are you going full on princess or are you thinking about a small celebration?

Regardless of your choice, make sure to include accessories in your hairstyle, especially if your dress is simple and not decorated in a pompous way. In addition, if you choose to wear a veil, make sure you pick the right length considering your hairstyle, the design of your dress and other similar important factors.

Last but not least, make sure to fully live your special wedding day without worrying about anything else but being together with your better half and your loved ones. Your hair choices will definitely be impeccable, so there’s no need to worry about that!

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